Saturday, September 12, 2015

What On Earth Is India Doing With All That Gold?

We've looked at the Indian love affair with the shiny stuff many times over the years, some links below.
From FT Alphaville:

Aapka gold chahiye
Yes, as you can probably tell this is the news that India’s government wants to get the masses of idle gold lying dormant in vaults and households throughout the country out into the open.
To put that in Zerohedge-ese it’s the The Start Of India’s Gold Confiscation.

Or, to put it more simply… it’s a reasonable (if poorly executed) attempt to cut India’s crazy large (CA hurting) gold import bill by tapping into the estimated 22,000 MT of gold knocking around its temples etc.
For reference, from Citi, “India’s gold imports stood at US$34.3bn or ~900 tons in FY15 and in the not too distant past (i.e. FY12) imports had been as high as US$56bn, or over 1,000 tons.”

In order to get that down by getting domestic gold out and usable it’s setting up two schemes — a sovereign gold bond scheme and a more general gold monetisation scheme. As Citi summarise, “the issuance of sovereign gold bonds is aimed to curb the domestic demand for physical gold among investors, and the gold monetization is aimed at enhancing the domestic supply of physical gold for jewelers etc.”

And here’s Nomura with the broad points on both:
Features of the sovereign gold bond scheme
 Denomination: Sovereign gold bonds (sovereign guarantee) will be issued in rupees and denominated in 5, 10, 50 and 100 grams of gold.
 Interest rate: The interest rate (~3% according to CNBC sources) will be calculated on the value of gold at the time of investment. Officially, interest rates have not yet been announced.
 Redemption: Redemption will be in rupees (cash) only. At the time of redemption, the depositor will have the option to roll over the bond for three or more years, in case gold prices are lower....

From August 2014:
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Sripuram Golden Temple: