Monday, September 21, 2015

"Dutch Government & Rijksmuseum in Talks to Acquire Rothschild Rembrandts for €160m"

You don't see the Dutch Masters trade very often.
Like Seaboard Corp., by appointment only.
I'm so crass. But then so were Rembrandt's patrons.
SEB $3250.00, down $50 last on 248 shares.

From Art Market Monitor:

These two Rembrandt portraits owned by members of the Rothschild family were rumored to be for sale earlier this Spring. Now it seems the the Rijksmuseum and Dutch government have agreed on a price to acquire the pair of portraits still in the family’s hands: 
The preliminary sale agreement was signed last week.The government pulls the bag for 80 million , for the other 80 million...

The last time we visited was in "Oh Yeah, The Rijksmuseum Reopened: The Nightwatch Flash Mob":

From March's "Money for the Most Exquisite Things: Bankers and Collecting from the Medici to the Rockefellers":
I've been meaning to put something together on Rose-Marie and Eijk van Otterloo (yes, the O in GMO) and their possibly-greatest-in-private-hands collection of Old Masters but will have to leave this as a placeholder....
I still haven't gotten around to doing the Van Otterloo post but here's some Old Masters stuff.

It took ten years of screw-ups but the museum finally reopened and although most folks in Amsterdam seem to hate the building they like what's inside and most any Dutch kid knows Rembrandt's The Nightwatch:

So the flashmob went off to greater effect than it might have done, say, in Chicago where they have a very different kind of flash mob.Here's the version uploaded by ING: