Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Tree Climbing Goats of Morocco, Layee-o-dl layee-o-dl lay ee-o

We're no goat-fanbois-come-lately.
(words I never thought I'd type)

From 2014's "Goat Towers: An Idea Whose Time Has Come":
Following the 2010 "Men Who Stare at Goats" spike, the general trend of goat awareness has been on a downward trajectory.
Until Q1 2013.

In that year and again in early 2014 Google reported a surge in goat-related news stories:

including our own "Goat Simulator Sets the Internet on Fire".

Being forward-thinking denizens of the interwebs we are already planning our 2015 search-engine-optimization marketing campaign. Here's a sneak preview of the Goats and Architecture series....
And the latest, from Metro UK, 18Sept:

This video of a herd of goats standing in a tree is terrifying
This is definitely how the apocalypse is going to look.
Trust us.
 Goats in a tree
If the rapture doesn’t include goats in trees like in this video then we’ll be very surprised.
The unsettling clip of wild stock just casually hanging out on branches was filmed in Morocco by Michael Chinnici, a photographer at Moroccan photo tours.

The goats were actually eating fruit and leaves from the argan trees and not just creepily watching people....MORE
 Goats in a tree

No sign of the goatherd, Layee-o-dl layee-o-dl o.
Excluding well known goat news hotspot Botswana, Google Trends indicates the interest is currently centered on the Anglosphere which means there is basically a whole world to conquer: