Wednesday, September 23, 2015

"There will be unicorn tears"

Product or parody, you decide.
From Fortune:

Finding the perfect gift for the doomsaying venture capitalist in your life. 
Just about every day another venture capitalist pipes up to predict that some of Silicon Valley’s “unicorns,” or startups worth $1 billion or more, will fail. They’re preaching about high burn rates and crazy valuations. They’re referring back to the dotcom bubble. They’ve got dead unicorn lists. Even though few highly valued startups have officially failed so far, there’s already a term it: “unicorpse.” 
Christmas is still three months away, but the perfect gift for that doomsaying venture capitalist in your life is already here. A company called Firebox is selling a gin liqueur called Unicorn Tears. A bottle costs $62.29 and features flecks of silver. 
Unfortunately, it’s not available for delivery via Instacart,the grocery delivery unicorn that venture capitalist Bill Gurley recently expressed skepticism over. But it is available to pre-order online here. When the tech bubble bursts, the VC’s that saw it coming can sip Unicorn Tears gin while writing “told you so” Tweetstorms....MORE