Saturday, September 19, 2015

4K Video and Smart Bras: "How a tech giant infiltrated New York Fashion Week"

From Fortune:
Whether it was with drones, ‘smart’ bras and dresses equipped with sensors, Intel was everywhere at New York Fashion Week.

On Friday evening, a crowd of fashionistas sat in a freezing, industrial space in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood and watched a string of models strut down a runway in dresses and sports bras. It might have been an ordinary Fashion Week scene, except the dresses and bras were “responsive” garments, made out of 3-D printed panels armed with tiny computer modules that sense and respond to a person’s body.

The runway show marked the public debut of a new line of smart clothing from “architectural sportswear” brand Chromat, in concert with semiconductor chip and processor manufacturer Intel.
The five-year-old women’s fashion label worked with Intel engineers over the past several months to develop dresses and sports bras that integrate Intel’s Curie module — a tiny piece of hardware featuring a battery, motion sensors, and wireless connectivity.

Chromat founder and head designer Becca McCharen told Fortune that the Intel collaboration was “a total dream project.” Says McCharen: Working with Intel engineers was “like going back to school and getting a master class in mechanical engineering and sensors.” (Chromat’s show was part of WME-IMG’s Made Fashion Week, which highlights emerging designers.)...MORE