Tuesday, September 29, 2015

With H2O Discovery Elon Musk To Develop Hyperloop Water Park On Mars

From the Washington Post:

Elon Musk needs a vacation
Elon Musk is a notorious workaholic. As the chief executive of SpaceX and Tesla has long made clear, he doesn’t really need much vacation. He’s described lounging on the beach as “the worst,” and something that would leave him “super-duper bored.” He joked in a recent biography that “vacation will kill you,” after recounting a trip that left him with a malaria infection.

This makes Musk’s recent remarks to a Danish television station so surprising, and a reminder that long hours can grind down even the toughest and more passionate workers.

“My priority right now is to try to add some more management bench strength to Tesla in particular so that I can take a vacation,” Musk said in an interview published Sunday. “In the last 12 years I’ve only tried to take a week off twice.”

An emotional Musk grew misty-eyed during parts of the interview, and reflected on the toll that running SpaceX and Tesla has had on him.

“Creating a company is almost like having a child,” Musk said. “It’s almost like, how do you say your child should not have food?”...MORE
Okay, I may have hallucinated the part about the hyperloop water park.