Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Right Track/Wrong Track Poll: 57% of Syrians Think Country Is Going in the Wrong Direction

From the BBC:
As a wave of refugees heads north-westwards into Europe from the Middle East it may not be surprising to hear that a majority of Iraqis and Syrians appear to believe their countries are heading in the wrong direction. 
That is one of the findings from an opinion poll commissioned by the BBC from ORB International that examines public opinion in both Iraq and Syria. 
Some 66% of those questioned in Iraq and 57% in Syria think their country is heading in the wrong direction....MORE

Syria poll

Of 1,365 Syrians surveyed

think the country is going in the wrong direction
oppose coalition air strikes
  • 48% said Islamic State are a "strongly negative" influence
  • 21% prefer life now compared to before the war