Thursday, July 26, 2018

"Peak Hipster: Nordic miniature shaving axe"

We've passed the peak haven't we?
Please tell me we've passed the peak, seeing faux lumberjacks in the city is still jarring even after a half-decade.
Anyway, from Amazon via The Truth About Knives:

shaving axe
I will refrain from gratuitous hipster-bashing here, having faced a fair deal of criticism for having done so in the past. Instead, I will sit here quietly and let folks tee off in the comments themselves. In fact, there might well be a prize for the funniest comment relating to this latest item from the Depths of Uselessness – The Viking Celtic Nordic style straight razor warrior axe.

From the description on Amazon:
Straight razor warrior axe in Viking Celtic Nordic style is an original men’s gift.

Axe Razor is made by hand with the handcarving wooden box. The old world axe razor can become unforgettable present.
It is a real straight razor. It is sharp. It is made of tempered steel
This men’s present will not remain unnoticed since this item is not only hansome [sic] souvenier but also practical and useful stuff for everyday care....

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