Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"The Hipster Techie Mental Map"

Smith nails it.
From OfTwoMinds:
...These elements spawn waves of newcomers and start-ups, most of which eventually fail or are bought up by established tech firms.
Many locales around the world have attempted to recreate the "magic" of Silicon Valley; the recipe is not that easy to duplicate. Many feel the Valley has lost its edge; as global competition increases, perhaps that can be said of every established innovation center.
If you've been offered a job in S.F. with a mobile apps start-up, here are 25 Things I wish I knew before moving to San Francisco by Jason Evanish (via Maoxian)....MUCH MORE
Here is one approximation of the hipster techie mental map:

SFO: San Francisco International Airport
JFK: John F. Kennedy International Airport
Page Mill Road: home to many start-ups and Stanford Research Park
Not to be confused with Sand Hill Road, the concentration of venture capital (VC) firms (a.k.a. vulture capital)