Friday, January 25, 2013

Blueseed (Bringing a Whole New Meaning to Offshoring) Gets an Initial Investor

From BetaBeat:

Floating, Lawless Tech Incubator Scores $300,000 to Build Libertarian Paradise
Paging Peter Thiel! Blueseed, a sea-faring tech incubator that aims to skirt visa laws by hosting its programs in international waters, has raised $300,000 from Silicon Valley investor Mike Maples. The startup incubator and business center intends to provide a place for non-US citizens to have the same access to the ideas and capital in the Valley without having to go through the complicated visa process. Though it’s just a fraction of the $10-30 million needed for the project to actually take off, no doubt Silicon Valley’s principled libertarian population will be excited to hear the news.
Heaven! (Photo: Blueseed)
Last we checked in with the Valley libertarians, Peter Thiel pal Patri Friedman was preparing a book on Seasteading, the practice of living at sea in order to avoid national laws. Blueseed, meanwhile, raised $500,000 in September 2011 and is planning to launch at the end of this year.

According to the venture’s site, it will cost about $1,600 per month per person to live and work on the floating incubator, which will be anchored approximately 12 miles from Silicon Valley. “We’ll charge a combination of rent and equity to accommodate the stage of your startup,” reads the site. “The price per person will include living and office space, and will range from $1200 for a shared cabin to $3000 for a top-tier single accommodation cabin.”...MORE
This is very preliminary, the company doesn't even know what the incubator will look like.
Here's the picture they gave to Silicon Valley Business Journal:
Blueseed plans to launch an offshore colony to skirt immigration issues.
Illustration courtesy of Blueseed

And the one they gave to New Statesman:

New Statesman
Concept art of Blueseed. Photograph: 

Genius Engineer/Can't Get an H-1b Visa? "Blueseed: A Startup That Plans to House Would-Be Immigrant Innovators 12 Nautical Miles from Silicon Valley"

Finally, I think I should hook Blueseed up with  Yacht Island Design:
 "Tropical Island Paradise", a 90 metre island with a top speed of 15 knots.

The 'Streets of Monaco' design looks especially nice.
[and probably cheaper per square foot than Monaco -ed]