Monday, July 23, 2018

Scam the Scammer: "Wannabe socialite swindler may have bilked Fyre Festival fraudster"

From Page Six:
Anna Sorokin and Billy McFarland
We have a winner in the Scammer Olympics — after Page Six learned that “socialite grifter” Anna Sorokin managed to bilk months of free accommodation in a Soho loft out of a fellow (alleged) heavyweight con artist, Fyre Festival organizer Billy McFarland.

In May 2017, it was revealed that Sorokin had posed as a German heiress called Anna Delvey to allegedly trick banks, businesses and friends into giving her hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and goods.

But we hear that New York’s most beloved swindlers went head to head back in 2013 when Sorokin — who managed to stay at high-end hotels such as 11 Howard for months before being discovered — moved into the Wooster Street headquarters of McFarland’s dubious credit card company Magnises for four months.

“Anna knew people on Billy’s team,” explains an insider. “She just asked to stay for a few days … then she wouldn’t leave.”

Magnises — which McFarland once notoriously said is “Latin for absolutely nothing” — produced “black cards” linked to members’ regular credit card accounts. It also threw bashes at the Soho loft....MORE