Friday, July 27, 2018

"Mattis Rejects Viral Australian Report On Impending US Iran Strikes"

Well that's the last time we listen to the ABC.
Following up on "Oil: Could Iran really close the Strait of Hormuz? (what if the U.S. bombs Iranian nuke facilities?)".

From ZeroGedge:
A day after an Australian ABC report went viral with the claim that the White House has drawn up plans to strike Iran's alleged nuclear facilities as early as next month, Defense Secretary James Mattis said on Friday morning it's a "complete fiction".

The Australian Broadcast Corporation report cited high level defense and intelligence figures: "Senior figures in the Australia's Turnbull government have told the ABC they believe the US is prepared to bomb Iran's nuclear capability," and perhaps most alarmingly added, "The bombing could be as early as next month."

Fox News national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin questioned Mattis about the report on Friday:
I asked Mattis about report US preparing strikes against Iran. 
MATTIS: "I have no idea where the Australian news people got that information. I am confident it is not something that is being considered right now. I think it is a complete, frankly, it's fiction."

Wait—He would say that wouldn't he!
Mandy Rice-Davies!