Tuesday, July 24, 2018

"Google Translate warns of APOCALYPSE in bizarre ‘end times’ message about the Antichrist" (EVIL)

From The Sun:
Warnings about the Doomsday Clock and the return of the Antichrist have left some Google Translate users worried

In other news.

Kidding, here's Motherboard with a plausible explanation:

Why Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Religious Prophecies? 
Google Translate is moonlighting as a deranged oracle—and experts say it’s likely because of the spooky nature of neural networks....

Thinking about it, if the explanation is actually coming from 'ol Beelzebub, you would expect it to be plausible so we're sort of stuck in one of those wildernesses of mirrors and our time would just as well be spent hanging out at the "Truth and Lies Logic Puzzle Generator."

Okay, there are three people in a locked room. One of them only tells lies. One of them lies half the time. One only tells the truth. Which one do you ask to identify who the hedge fund manager. is?