Saturday, February 4, 2017

Brexit: "Berlin to Send Back Thousands of British Hipsters"

DM News, Jan. 19:

BERLIN will return thousands of hipsters when Britain leaves the EU, it has emerged.
Angela Merkel confirmed that British hipsters would be expelled post-Brexit as they have little to offer Germany except basic website design skills and minimal techno club nights.

She said: “We cannot be expected to support thousands of aspiring musicians and bloggers with names like ‘DJ Leo Fukk’ and ‘Tufty’.

“They are nice enough but utterly useless. We have plenty of local young people who can serve cocktails in a surly way.”

Theresa May had hoped Berlin and Barcelona would sign a proposed ‘Hipster Accord...MORE
HT: naked capitalism

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DM News is the Daily Mash, a satire site  and the hipster song amuses but the cultural reality isn't all that funny.

The Berlin hipster scene is already on the downslope and the crowd is moving on. In a few years those that remain will be like the bright young demimondaine who came to Berlin in 1924 to catch the big party after the hyperinflation and overstayed. A decade later, if they were still alive, 10 years aging  looking like 20 and dealing cocaine to pay for their habits, they were too wrapped up in self to pay attention to the coming inferno.