Monday, February 27, 2017

Architecture: "How to Detect A Brutalist Building"

I'm not quite sure how this bit of genius ended up in the link-vault.

I believe this fellow is the creator although neither of the sources (reddit r/brutalism and 20 Bedford Way have a link)

And while I personally don't care for the style, to each his/her/ze's own. On the other hand I was astounded by this news last November:

Follow-Up On Last Night's Impressionist-Modern Sale At Sotheby’s (BID)

Apparently the market for Italian Fascist/brutalist macho isn't as strong as one might think.

Following up on "Attention Collectors: A Potential Mispricing In the Art Market":
From Art Market Monitor, Nov. 1:
The Baffling But Tireless Tamara de Lempicka Market

Bloomberg’s James Tarmy wonders why Tamara de Lempicka’s portrait of a man, Guido Sommi, is priced so much lower than her private market?...
It didn't sell even though Guido was her favorite model/lover/fascist.
Hey, it was the '20's.

Indicators: "Led by $54.5 M. Munch, Muted Impressionist-Modern Sale at Sotheby’s Nets $157.7 M., Down 48 Percent From Last Year