Thursday, February 23, 2017

Commodities: Ireland's Kerrygold Butter BANNED In Wisconsin

This sounds like a declaration of war, a war which Wisconsin with all its curds and whey won't win.

Oh dear Lord I may have lost my mind with the "a little alliteration" thing. That's seven 'W' words after the comma.

From The Independent (IRE):

Shopkeepers in one US state face prison if they sell Kerrygold butter
A ban by the US state of Wisconsin on Kerrygold butter has raised the ire of consumers there and it seems it's centered around a 40-year-old state law. 

Kerrygold butter has become a staple for many Americans who follow the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) and Paleo/Caveman diets, which promote the use of grass-fed butter as the best form of fat, many consumers use Kerrygold butter in coffee instead of milk.

Kerrygold is the number one imported butter and the number three overall butter brand in the US.
However, a law from 1970 in the State means that all butter which is intended for commercial use must be put before a panel to trade the product. And because Kerrygold is made in Ireland it's not subjected to the same regulatory controls and Wisconsin is laying down the law.

Ornua, which owns the Kerrygold brand - has strong links in Wisconsin since it bought the Wisconsin-based Thiel Cheese and Ingredients.

Meanwhile, Kerrygold Dubliner is the number one specialty cheddar in the US. Ornua exports 20,000 MT of Kerrygold butter and cheese to the US each year worth $200m....MORE 
One of the Milwaukee television stations supplies a mugshot to aid in identifying the miscreant:

Back in October Kerrygold came out on top in a worldwide tour of the butter biz that we posted:

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