Tuesday, February 28, 2017

"Mike Mayo Doesn’t Need A Job To F@ck With JPMorgan"

From DealBreaker:
True artists are possessed by a potent need to express themselves, and that yearning is exponentially stronger for the great ones who will do whatever it takes to put their art out into the world. 
If you’d confiscated van Gogh’s paintbrushes, he would have scrawled wavy landscapes on the wall with his own blood. If you’d taken away Mozart’s piano, he would have banged on pots to create a melody. If you’d banned Shakespeare from the theater, he would have staged his plays in the fields. 
So when you lay off super bank analyst Mike Mayo don’t think for one minute that he will not find a way to troll the living shit out of JPMorgan on Investor Day… 
Mike Mayo, the bank analyst who sparred with JPMorgan Chase & Co. executives at prior Investor Day presentations, showed up at the lender’s 2017 event less than 24 hours after his former employer, CLSA Ltd., shut down its U.S. equity-research operation.“Mike Mayo, free agent analyst,” he said when introducing himself Tuesday, before asking a question to JPMorgan Chief Financial Officer Marianne Lake about profitability from deposits....