Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oblivious Headline of the Day: Natural Gas Edition

We like Investing.com, they're even one of the few sites we have on our limited blogroll (on right).

This is so blissfully unaware as to be Black Knight "'tis but a scratch" funny (Feb. 20):
"Natural Gas: Uptrend Still Stands Strong"
Here's the last couple week's action via FinViz:


roughly since we did some AI-enhanced data crunching and began posting the "Weekly Supply/Demand Report" on Feb. 3, after a months-long hiatus.*

*That is "fāke " news, a big fat whopper.
What actually happened is I went out to get a sandwich and thought, "Seems rather balmy, I wonder what natural gas is up to"

The front futures are down another 0.1450 (5.12%) today, at 2.6890.
So, continuing the "...Holy Grail" dialogue:
Black Knight:     I am invincible! 
King Arthur:       You're a loony! 
Feb. 3
Natural Gas: EIA Weekly Supply/Demand Report
Coming into the Spring shoulder injection season the hope of a widowmaker* trade helps to build anticipation for Eliot's cruelest month. Until then the two week national temperature forecast is above average putting downward pressure on prices while the prospect of a trade war with Mexico raises the risk to southbound U.S. gas exports.
Ah spring.
Feb. 13 
Natural Gas: EIA Weekly Supply/Demand Report
The front futures have broken $3.00 to the downside for the first time since November 18th....
Feb. 17
Natural Gas: EIA Weekly Supply/Demand Report
After breaking through $2.90 to the downside on yesterday's storage report (the pull was 114 Bcf versus the Platts consensus estimate of 126 Bcf) the front futures are up 0.0170 at $2.8710....
Those three intros have a beat reminiscent of the greatest three-picture travelogue of all time.
From the New York Times' Frugal Traveler: