Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Too lazy to start a real startup? Play 'Hipster CEO' instead"

From Pando Daily:
For a brief period in the 90s, if you wanted a pet without having to care for a real live animal, you could get a Tamagotchi. You know, those electronic virtual pets on a keychain?

Now that you’re grown up, you might have some vague ambitions of starting a company, inspired by a chance viewing of “The Social Network.” Those guys are billionaires now. How hard can it be, right?
Pretty freaking hard, as it turns out.

That’s where Hipster Startup comes in. The iOS game, which launched last week, is like Sim City, SecondLife, and Tamagotchi combined. Only for startups. It’s perfect for those of us who are too lazy, or too risk-averse, or too non-committal, to get a taste of the sweet startup life. And the cost of starting up is only $2.99....MORE