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UPDATED: Nomura's Bob Janjuah: "We are in a secular bear market"

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Ummm...yes, yes we are.*
From FT Alphaville:
For someone who hasn’t got much to add about the current state of the market, Bob Janjuah still manages to crank out 1,500 words in his latest piece for Nomura.

Bob firmly believes we are in a third stage of a secular bear market, which is about to get nasty.
Basic problems
The key basic problems remain weak trend growth in the DM world, which we think will continue for another three to five years, the policy errors (in our view) of the current set of policymakers, and the existing set of inadequate ‘old world’ policy institutions.
Still bearish
In or within a year from now I expect global equities to be 25% to 30% lower. My S&P500 target for the low in 2012 remains 800/900, and I think an ‘undershoot’ into the 700s is entirely possible. For the valuation-focused, assume S&P 500 EPS in 2012 of $90/$100, and P/Es in the 8 to 9 area – I see this kind of P/E as the new norm in the kind of world we are in. In this bearish outcome I would expect 10-year bund yields at 1% to 1.25%, 10 year UST yields at 1.25% to 1.5%, and 10-year gilts below 2%. The USD should do well, credit and commodities should not.
Here I have to insert an important caveat regarding Germany and bunds. My core assumption remains that in the euro zone policymakers do not attempt to fix an excess leverage and low growth problem with more leverage. This type of plan obviously appeals to Tim Geithner, but the core euro zone should be extremely concerned by the suggestion that leveraging the EFSF is a supposed “solution‟
Echoes of Albert Edwards in there. He too thinks the S&P should trade on a single digit PE and expects the yield on US treasuries to fall further.

In the short-term, Bob expects the S&P 500 to bottom in the low 1,000′s later this month, by which time he expects to see 10-year bund yields below 1.5 per cent and US Treasuries under1.75 per cent....MORE
Update: ZeroHedge has more:
Bob Janjuah: "In One Year I Expect Global Equities To Be 25%/30% Lower; The S&P Will Reach Low 1000s In October"
*On secular bear markets:

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Mr. Farrell may be more bearish than necessary. We date the beginning of the secular bear* market to the first quarter of 2000 and use the DJIA's 11,722 close on Jan. 14 of that year. The Nasdaq hit it's all-time high on March 10.

We consider all of the time the market spent above that figure, starting with the Oct. 30, 2006 close at 11,727 through the all-time closing high 14,164.53 on Oct. 9,2007 (coincidentally, five years to the day* from the low of the bust) and back down, to be an anomaly caused by Greenspan's loose-as-a-goose Fed policy. You could probably make the same argument for a portion of the 2004-2006 gains. One more factoid, the 2007 high did not exceed the 2000 high, on an inflation adjusted basis.

The last secular bear is dated 1966 to 1982, eighteen years, roughly equal in length to the 1902-1921 secular bear. For reasons I'll get into in a few months, we believe this cycle will be a bit shorter, call it approximately 15 years, which gets us to 2015 or so.

The big caveat is that the politicians don't screw up the economy. The recently passed stimulus bill is estimated by the CBO to decrease future economic growth by 0.2% per year beginning in 2014. We couldn't take any more of this kind of stimulus without seriously harming future GDP growth....

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And on Bob the Bear:

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 I think he's early on the call.
The Fed's open market purchases of treasuries are scheduled to run through June and equity market participants are fully aware that they are playing a game of Chicken with each other. The problem the punters face is the miserable returns offered elsewhere, a half-point picked up in a Netflix scalp can equal the interest earned on T-bills in 100 days. So they stay at the market.

It is going to take one of those collective Wile E Coyote moments...
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Albert says 450
Bob Janjuah trails at 550.
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