Monday, October 24, 2011

Headline of the Day: The World is Run By Crazy People Edition

Did the diplomats and strategists really think they, with their misplaced sense of self-importance, could control the path of events? Bunch o'striped pants* wankers.
From the Telegraph:
Libya's liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law 
More radical than expected by whom?
The happy-happy joy-joy crowd running the Barcelona Process?
From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Early signs in Tunisia of strong Islamist vote
If I were President Obama I would be distancing myself from this as fast as I could.
And I'd tell Axelrod to quit doing that little endzone celebration, he looks ridiculous.

Just so we're clear though, there's one word that, in my mind anyway, justifies anything that happened to Gaddafi:

*For those who'd rather not chase down the 'striped pants" reference, it's what our British friends refer to as "striped trousers", the bottom half of a morning suit, often worn by diplomats:

File:Morning dress 1901.jpg

I believe 'wankers' is universally understood.