Thursday, October 20, 2011

North Korea Comments on #OccupyWall Street

From the WSJ's Korea RealTime blog:

Occupy Wall Street Gets Pyongyang’s Backing
A protestor at an Occupy Wall Street themed event in Seoul.
You could see this one coming.
North Korea’s state news agency weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street protests Thursday, highlighting the “stern judgment” of “millions of people” against a capitalist system that “brings exploitation, oppression, unemployment and poverty to the popular masses.”

The Korean Central News Agency’s daily dispatches usually contain a few accounts of the woes of the rest of the world, so KCNA’s editors were probably rubbing their hands with glee at the chance to play up the Occupy movement, which the report says is “sweeping across the capitalist world.”

With no apparent sense of irony, KCNA says that in capitalist society “1% of privileged class is granted all preferential treatment while 99% of working masses are forced into poverty and death.”

Predictably, the report focuses on the woes of the U.S. in particular, reeling off a list of stats about declining incomes, increasing homelessness and unemployment.
“Low-income earners’ pent-up wrath against avaricious big banks and companies that caused economic inequality finally gave its vent,” the report says....MORE
And, as is our wont when posting on topics North Korean, a couple pics from Kim Jpng Il Looking at Things:

looking at a gold tank
looking at a gold tank

looking at dmitry medvedev
looking at dmitry medvedev