Friday, October 28, 2011

Three Years Ago: "Dow, S&P 500 Futures: Lock Limit Down"

The date was actually Oct. 24 but it was the the Friday before Halloween.
[which, apparently, was also a Friday -ed]

Lock limit down. Those are some of the scariest words in the market. It means there's no market.
From DealBreaker:

DealBreaker Afterdark: Aw, That Will Buff Right Out
As of this minute, S&P 500 futures have hit their "limit down" trigger, and are frozen at 855.25. That is a frightening development.
The drop is almost certainly tied to the abysmal performance of Asian and European markets overnight, and the response to what might end up being the United Kingdom's first recession since 1991.
Friday will be an interesting market, that's for sure.
Update: Dow Futures are locked limit-down as well at 8224.
Looks quite like a flatline, doesn't it?
And how about the bid/ask interest here. Wow.

19 x 1,807, hmmm.