Friday, July 21, 2023

Speaking Of Running Out of People: Wagner's Losses In Ukraine Have Been Nothing Short Of Catastrophic

Following on the post immediately below, "Ukraine may be running out of people".

From the Kyiv Post, July 20:

Wagner Reveals Massive Death Toll Figures for Mercenaries Fighting in Ukraine
According to the unverified numbers, just 16,000 Wagner fighters have made it through Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine alive and uninjured so far.

A Wagner mercenary fighting in Ukraine had only a 1-in-5 chance of making it through unscathed, according to the latest figures.

The unverified numbers, posted on Telegram by several Wagner-affiliated channels, claim that in all operations from the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion up until the “capture of Bakhmut” on May 20:

·      Wagner had 78,000 thousand fighters in total.

·      49,000 of these were convicts.

·      22,000 were killed.