Friday, July 21, 2023

Ha! I Scoff At Cocaine Bear

From Fox News, July 20:

'Cocaine Sharks' may be feasting on bales of drugs off Florida's coast
Large bricks of cocaine are often dumped at sea and picked up by drug smugglers on boats

Thousands of sharks off Florida's coast may have ingested bales of cocaine left in the water by drug smugglers attempting to get their product into the U.S. 

Marine biologist Tom Hird wanted to examine whether the sharks have come into contact with the drug, which is the subject of a documentary that will premiere on Discovery Channel's Shark Week called "Cocaine Sharks."

"The deeper story here is the way that chemicals, pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs are entering our waterways — entering our oceans — and what effect that they then could go on to have on these delicate ocean ecosystems," Hird, known as "The Blowfish," told Live Science.

Large bricks of cocaine from South and Central America have washed ashore on Florida beaches for decades. The huge bales are often dumped at sea and picked up by drug smugglers on boats. 

Hird set off to the Florida Keys to investigate where fishermen told tales of drug-addled sharks consuming the bales. During one dive, they found a hammerhead shark behaving strangely.....


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