Wednesday, July 19, 2023

So If It Turns Out The Bidens Really Did Have 20 Shell Companies Laundering $100 Million, Who Knew About It?

The Republicans in the House of Representatives are dropping numbers that are almost beyond belief. But if the reports turn out to be anywhere close to accurate who would have had to be aware of what was going on? 

Obviously the makers of the payments would know. Their respective governments, in the instant case China, Ukraine, Romania et al, may or may not have known.

American and foreign intelligence agencies would have known. NSA, CIA, FBI, MI6, Mossad etc.

Did the powers-that-be who maneuvered Joseph Robinette Biden through the Democratic Party winnowing process know? Until Rep. James Clyburn, the most powerful person in South Carolina politics, made the most impactful endorsement in American political history and gave his support to the former vice-President ahead of the SC primary, there was no reason to think Biden would be the party's flag-bearer. After he won the primary and Buttigieg and Warren dropped out, there was no reason to think he wouldn't be.

So the question becomes, if the Republican assertions are true and if all these groups were knowledgeable about the Bidens, What did they do with that knowledge?

Were they trying to stage an intervention to help Joe and Jim and Hunter and Ashley and all the rest see the light and repent their corruption?

Or were they extorting the President, in the same way J. Edgar Hoover extorted official Washington in his 48 years as head of the FBI and its predecessor the Bureau of Investigation?

What a time to be alive.