Thursday, July 20, 2023

"Russia’s Wagner mercenaries launch joint training with Belarusian military near Polish border"

This is not a good idea on the part of "Europe's Last Dictator". Not that Poland needs a casus belli but offering one up would more than likely lead to regime change in Minsk. And I'm not even talking about Article V and Victoria Nuland and the rest of the color revolution gang. And then you throw the nukes into the mix...

From the Associated Press, July 20:

Mercenaries from Russia’s military company Wagner on Thursday launched joint drills with the Belarusian military near the border with Poland following their relocation to Belarus after their short-lived rebellion, a move that prompted Warsaw to redeploy its troops.

The Belarusian Defense Ministry said that the weeklong maneuvers will be conducted at a firing range near the border city of Brest and will involve Belarusian special forces. The ministry added that Wagner’s combat experience will help modernize the Belarusian military.

A video released Wednesday appeared to show Wagner’s chief Yevgeny Prigozhin for the first time since he led last month’s rebellion. In the video, Prigozhin was seen telling his troops they will spend some time in Belarus training its military to help “make the Belarusian army the second strongest army in the world” before deploying to Africa. 

In addition to their involvement in Ukraine, Wagner mercenaries have been sent to Syria and several African countries since the private army was created in 2014....


So Prigozhin's alive?