Tuesday, July 25, 2023

O'Biden - Harris Administration Backs Rule That Would Make 95% Of Gasoline-Fueled Electric Generators Illegal

(the O'Biden moniker comes from the time in March 2020 that the then-candidate said "I’m An ‘OBiden-Bama’ Democrat")

This proposed rule could cause real problems in places like California where electric vehicles have to rely on an already iffy electric grid. Without backup during blackouts/brownout your EV is about as useful as a rock, transportation-wise.

California's grid is so unreliable that the joke for the last few years has been:


 "At least when the Titanic went down the lights were on."

This piece is from the Washington Free Beacon, owned by Elliot Management co-CEO Paul Singer so you don't know what sort of hedge fund motives might be attached to the story: 

 Not Just Gas Stoves: Biden Admin Rule Would Outlaw Nearly All Portable Gas Generators
Crackdown comes as country faces increased risk of power outages

Just months after a Biden-appointed regulator teased a ban on gas stoves, the administration is working to enact a rule that would prohibit the manufacturing of nearly all portable gas generators on the U.S. market. 

A proposed Consumer Product Safety Commission rule limits the amount of carbon monoxide a product can emit, with the commission admitting that 95 percent of portable gas generators on the market cannot comply with its new standard. As a result, industry leaders say, the rule will prompt widespread generator shortages, as manufacturers only have six months to design generators that meet the proposed regulation. That process normally takes years, Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association executive director Susan Orenga told the Washington Free Beacon.

The rule proposal comes just months after Biden-backed commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. teased a similar regulatory ban on gas stoves, which he called a "hidden hazard." It also comes as many Americans face an increased risk of power outages as the country increasingly relies on green energy to produce its electricity. A whopping two-thirds of North America faces an "elevated risk" of power blackouts this summer, a leading grid watchdog found in May, a vulnerability that stems from America's increase in green power generation and decrease in fossil fuel power plants. California, for example, saw power outages in the summer of 2022 as electricity demand surged.....


Using carbon monoxide health and safety as the justification is, well... the article continues:

....The Consumer Product Safety Commission says its standards will stop carbon monoxide deaths from portable generators. Commission press secretary Patty Davis, however, could only point to one fatal incident involving a model that complies with the Portable Generator Manufacturers' Association standard. But that incident, which killed three people in Louisiana in 2021, was likely caused by user error—the users placed the generator next to their house with the exhaust port directly in front of the door, a setup that contradicts generator guidelines.....

Jeez Bubba, don't be pointing the engine exhaust into the house.