Saturday, July 29, 2023

Scientific Journals: You Can't Trust The Lancet


We so prefer the British Medical Journal to the Lancet that we almost never link to the Lancet. 

Starting with the 1998 vaccine/autism paper, to the fact it took the Lancet 12 years to retract it, to the  two Iraq death toll papers, papers based on models that were refuted with the simple question: Where are the bodies?, to the fraudulent hydroxychloriquine paper (and retraction) used by the WHO to halt clinical trials, to the letter published by the Lancet organized by Daszak stating the Wuhan Institute of Virology could not have been the source of WuFlu (with 26 of the 27 co-signers having undisclosed connections to the Wuhan Institute), and three or four more instances that have slipped my memory at the moment.

The TL;dr is, sadly, after all these years, you can't trust the Lancet.

It's Not Rocket Surgery: "Rocket Scientists vs Brain Surgeons: Who Do You Think Is Ultimately Smarter?" (plus the BMJ Christmas issue), December 14, 2021 

And the latest:

That's not some cutesy "chart crime." That is straight up scientific fraud, published with the intent to deceive.

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