Thursday, July 23, 2020

What Fresh Hell Is This: "Google’s New Features Help Advertisers’ Products Stand Out In Search Results" (GOOG; EVIL)

One of the big reasons folks migrated to the GOOG from Altavista and Lycos and all the rest was to escape the overwhelming ubiquity of the ads.
Google this week launched new features aimed at helping advertisers using the company’s services to make their products stand out in web search results and on other platforms.

One of the new features lets Google Search users configure their ads in a manner that has Google fetch relevant images from the advertiser’s online materials and include those images within search results. An image fetched by Google’s computers will appear alongside text in search results.
Another feature will highlight information such a short-lived sale in search results. Advertisers will be able to tag ads with the new information.

Google also is letting users configure Smart Shopping campaigns in a way that prioritizes the acquisition of new customers in the deployment of an ad budget....