Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Not Following Proper Mask Protocol In New York City

Oh, and also shooting up, outside, in broad daylight.
From the New York Post, July 28:
A woman injects herself with a needle near a pedestrian plaza at Broadway and West 40th Street in Midtown Manhattan.
Apparent junkies turn stretch of NYC’s Midtown into a shooting gallery 
It’s the Great Black Tar Way.

A cluster of junkies has turned Broadway into a shooting gallery, injecting drugs unhampered in broad daylight and then shuffling around in a zonked-out stupor, seemingly oblivious to the Midtown bustle around them, The Post has learned.

If that wasn’t enough, the addicts are peppering the area with used syringes, turning individual planters on 40th Street and Broadway into mini needle parks.

“They’ve taken over the tables, blatantly using needles and shooting up heroin all day long,” said a local worker who asked that he only be identified as James. “There’s no police action, there’s no reach-out. There’s nobody preventing this, and you know we’ve had multiple calls to 311 but nobody really responds. It’s becoming a real problem.”...

The city has become a disease-ridden cesspit.