Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Corrected—Also In Portland, Google Appears To Have Lowered Their IQ Standards

Correction—The Google Engineer who was arrested in Portland was not Schinzing, and the Daily Mail has corrected their headline.
The arrested Google engineer is Zachary Ames Trudo per the Portland police.
He and the Google engineer are separate hooligans.

Regret the error.

The Goddard revision of Professor (Sorbonne) Binet's offensive and now-obsolete 1908 classifications of the lower end of the IQ spectrum was:

IQ RangeClassification
70-80 Borderline deficiency
50-69 Moron
20-49 Imbecile
below 20Idiot

So with this correction we will move the Google engineer from idiot to imbecile while leaving yours truly at moron or perhaps high-grade defective,* and the fellow with his name tattooed on his back remains at idiot.

Original post:
From the New York Daily News:
An Oregon man with a large tattoo of his last name on his back is facing federal arson charges after online photos and videos of a May 29 fire at Portland’s Justice Center showed the shirtless suspect “maliciously” burning court documents and trying to damage the building, authorities said Tuesday....MORE
The Sun dispenses with subtlety:
 The man was identified by his back tattoo

While the Daily Mail points out:
Google software engineer is arrested for assault at Antifa riot in Portland 

Man, 32, who 'set fire to Portland's police headquarters' during the city's riots is arrested after cops spotted his name tattooed on his back in security footage

*"Morons" were Goddard's primary interest. He originated this term, deriving it from the Greek word for "foolish." Goddard defined morons as "high grade defectives" who possess low intelligence, but appear normal to casual observers (1912, p. 104). In addition to their learning difficulties, Goddard characterized morons as lacking self-control, thus making them susceptible to sexual immorality and vulnerable to other individuals who might exploit them for use in criminal activity (1912, pp. 54-56).