Thursday, July 23, 2020

"Italy locust invasion: Europe panic as worst swarm for 70 years hits continent"

From the always calm and reserved Daily Express, July 20

MILLIONS of locusts have caused devastation after descending on Sardinia, with several mayors in the region declaring a state of natural disaster and calling for immediate action
In a situation reminiscent of a biblical plague, the have stripped large areas of the island's agricultural regions of crops, in what the World Bank has already been branded the most serious such invasion the world has faced in 70 years. The epicentre is formed by the municipalities of Orani, Ottana and Bolotana in the Tirso valley, with having arrived from the Middle East and , where 23 countries have experienced similar problems.

Ambrogio Guiso, President of Reclamation Consortium of central Sardinia said roughly 13 thousand hectares of land had been affected....

Meanwhile the Times de Londres goes with:
Sardinian mayors beg for help to fight the new plague: locusts

Hmmm....actually not all that different.