Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Norway's Equinor Decides Not To Drill In Australian Marine Park, No Word On Fracking For Uranium In Grand Canyon

From the Guardian:

Great Australian Bight: Equinor abandons plans to drill for oil 
Norwegian oil company announces it has scrapped its $200m plan to deepwater drill in Great Australian Bight Marine Park
Norwegian oil giant Equinor has abandoned plans to drill for oil in the Great Australian Bight, declaring the controversial project did not make commercial sense.

The company said on Tuesday it had told federal, South Australian and local authorities it had decided to scrap the $200m project to deepwater drill in the Great Australian Bight Marine Park.
It is the third major oil company to abandon plans to drill in the bight, following BP and Chevron.
“Following a holistic review of its exploration portfolio, Equinor has concluded that the project’s potential is not commercially competitive compared with other exploration opportunities in the company,’’ the company’s country manager for Australia, Jone Stangeland, said in a statement.

The decision is a significant win for environment groups and other opponents of the project, including Indigenous elders and local councils. The proposal sparked protests supported by tens of thousands of people opposed to fossil fuel extraction in a marine wilderness area.

Equinor’s announcement comes shortly after the proposed Stromlo-1 well site, in water more than 2.2km deep and nearly 400km off the South Australian coast, was granted environmental approval by the federal offshore petroleum regulator. The Wilderness Society launched legal action challenging the decision last month, arguing opponents had not been properly consulted....

Mining the Grand Canyon is an idea triggered by periodic proposals to go after the numerous uranium plays near the National Park. Equinor has nothing to do with it and besides fracking isn't how you'd extract the radioactive stuff.
Additionally and unrelatedly, the Australian Government has decided not to mine the oil shale under the Great Barrier Reef. The coal ports at the north and south ends of the reef are going ahead as planned however: