Monday, February 24, 2020

Coronavirus Chic: Fashion Week In Milan and Paris

From The Asia Times, February 25:

Face masks are so chic-to-cheek
Fashionistas were wearing masks in Milan and now the trend is set to continue for Paris week
Supermodel Bella Hadid wore a face mask on her flight out of Milan amid fears about the coronavirus outbreak in Italy. 
Photo: Courtesy Bella Hadid / Instagram /
Paris women’s fashion week began this week with the face mask already its must-have accessory.
With two Chinese brands, Shiatzy Chen and Jarel Zhang, missing from the runway because of the coronavirus epidemic, the biggest wardrobe dilemma for fashionistas is whether to wear a mask or not.

Giorgio Armani saved their blushes on Sunday by staging his Milan show behind closed doors because of the outbreak of the Covid-19 in Codogno, 70 kilometres, or 43 miles, southeast of the city.
But fashionistas were already wearing masks to earlier shows in the Italian fashion capital before news of the cluster of deaths led to several towns in its Lombardy region being locked down. 
Paris Fashion Week, which attracts thousands of buyers from all over the world, is not taking any particular measures against the epidemic, but the fallout from the crisis has sent shares in many fashion conglomerates plummeting....

Ah, that Parisian insouciance.  
Personally I think  Dolce & Gabbana was onto something in 2018's Milan show with the drones:

And, alternatively we could go with the pivot to video threatened in the post immediately below combined with the fashionista coverage:
So here's strutting the catwalk. I am so sorry
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