Wednesday, April 5, 2017

There's Realism, There's Hyperrealism, There's Photo-Realism and Then There's This

From Messy Nessy Chic, January 2017:

I Refuse to Believe these are Paintings
I consider this a super human talent. Alien in fact. Seriously, why aren’t they checking this painter’s DNA for extra-terrestrial origins? His name is Yigal Ozeri, an oil painter from Isräel best-known for his cinematic-scale portraits of pretty girls hanging out with nature in perfect sunlight. Let me know when  you see a brushstroke…
...Oh come ON! That’s a painting? My huge bulky professional camera doesn’t even take photographs this good…MUCH MORE

That last is vaguely reminiscent of Ophelia but kinda makes Millais look like an amateur:

I'm thinking of taking back my suggestion in 2016's "Yellen: Fed Should Explore Purchasing ‘Broader Range of Assets’" :
Fine wines, single family detached housing, Pre-Raphaelite paintings (esp. Millais) junk silver coins etc....
The closest talent we've had on the blog is probably:

So, You Think You Can Draw? Ha! Meet Paul Cadden

whose pencil drawings are amazing but as Nessy says, Ozeri is from another universe.

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