Saturday, April 29, 2017

Apparently Balenciaga Made A $2100 Knockoff of the IKEA Tote Bag, IKEA Is Amused

And IKEA decided to mock the fashion house for doing so.
From domino, April 26:

IKEA Hilariously Responds to Balenciaga's Copycat Tote
Balenciaga offers a $2150 tote that looks nearly identical to IKEA's signature shopper.
Anyone who's shopped at IKEA is familiar with the retailer's signature tote - the Frakta. Generously oversized and sensibly priced, the iconic blue bags are known for their versatility and (for better or for worse) their capability to hold even the most impressive hauls. Needless to say, the shopping bag has essentially become synonymous with the brand, boasting the classic bright blue hue with pops of yellow. 
Last week, luxe fashion brand Balenciaga rolled out a new tote that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Swedish retailer's own. The difference? It would come to set you back an extra $2,149.01, thanks to its "blue wrinkled, glazed leather" composition and Balenciaga label. IKEA's response to the replica came in the form of a cheeky ad, from Swedish agency ACNE, helping shoppers correctly identify an original Frakta tote: