Thursday, April 27, 2017

These Are Not Good Days For ISIS

I'm pretty sure getting killed by a pig means no 72 virgins for these guys, no white raisins either.*
From IraqiNews:

Wild boars rampage in Kirkuk, leave 3 Islamic State members dead
Wild boar (representational photo)
Kirkuk ( Three Islamic State militants died late Sunday when wild boars attacked them in southern Kirkuk, a local source was quoted saying. 
The animals went on a rampage near a farmland in al-Rashad region, an Islamic State pocket 53 kilometers south of Kirkuk. They attacked the militants and left three killed, according to the source. 
Alsumaria News quoted the source saying that “Daesh (Islamic State) militants took revenge at the pigs that attacked the farmland,” but did not clarify the method....MORE
*Virgins? What virgins?
It is widely believed that Muslim 'martyrs' enjoy rich sensual rewards on reaching paradise. A new study suggests they may be disappointed. Ibn Warraq reports...
The Times also had the story, with a more alpha looking boar:
Isis fighters killed by wild boar as they hid waiting in ambush

And From the Telegraph:
Hackers flood Isis social media accounts with gay porn