Thursday, April 27, 2017

Media: Problems With Revenue Flows and the Reason Ms Kaminska Wrote That FT Story

I thought she was just bored and we didn't link but now it appears the article was part of a business-side decision.

From King Lord Murph of Moz (I so hope that catches on) writing under his subsidiary title as founder/editor of FT Alphaville:

It seems Google and Facebook really are taking ALL the growth in ad revenue
It’s a big day in American digital ad land, with the publication of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s year-end report for 2016.
You’ll find it here.

But before you delve into that, consider this tweet from Jason Kint.
Kint runs a thing called Digital Content Next, which is the key trade body for what is generally regarded as grown-up, mainstream media. They’ve even let the FT in as a member....MORE
"...But the fact is that we are going to have to revisit our content policy here on FTAV.
You’ll be glad to know we’ve made a start."