Tuesday, April 18, 2017

British Aristo Interviewing For New, Young Wife

In the peerage Baronet is the lowest rank, basically a commoner but entitled to be called 'Sir'.
However, in the instant case he's the 7th meaning the fam has had time to acquire some trinkets and a shack in Somerset:


From the Daily Mail:

Baronet, 70, splits with lover, 50, because she is 'too old for babies': Multi-millionaire Sir Benjamin Slade reveals he is 'interviewing hard' for a young bride
When the aristocracy’s most colourful singleton, Sir Benjamin Slade, began courting glamorous businesswoman Bridget Convey, friends hoped he had finally found the lady of his dreams.

He was said to have taken to referring to her as ‘my fiancee’ and the couple were a fixture at the most select soirees.

Sadly, however, the multi-millionaire landowner, 70, has now split up with Bridget.

‘She is 50, so too old to have children,’ Sir Ben explains at the Bath and West Show, which he attended with his Jack Russell, Bully, and Labrador, Gerald, named after the late Duke of Westminster. 

‘We are still friendly, but no longer together. She’s now engaged to a 46-year-old called Alister Robens.’ Baronet Ben, who lives at 13th-century Maunsel House, where Chaucer wrote part of The Canterbury Tales, is somewhat unlucky in love.

‘My last girlfriend, Kirsten Hughes, went off with my handyman in 2011, but was already showing signs of madness.’...MORE