Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Parking At Musk's Galactic HQ Sucks (TSLA)

From FT Alphaville:

A postcard from Elon Musk’s future
Elon Musk* wants to change the world by introducing electric self-driving cars, Hyper loops, insta-bored subterranean transit corridors (what normal people call tunnels) and brain chips. He also wants to terramine Mars.

But as the Wall Street Journal reports this week, he currently can’t sort out his own overcrowded car parks — giving us a valuable insight into how his brave new world might end up working in practice:
The chaos has forced employees to come up with clever workarounds, including secret deals at the factory to share spots with workers on opposite shifts. “Employees would enter into exclusive relationships, and payment would be made in the form of cash or a barter deal,” such as cigarettes or help rebuilding a car on the weekend, said Marissa Peretz, who spent five years as a recruiter for the auto maker until 2015, when she left to cofound her own headhunting firm.
Note to self: cigarettes and mechanical skills will be more valuable in our self-driving future than gold, bitcoin and PayPal....MORE
 Tesla stock is down $6.34 because...hell, who knows any more?