Monday, May 7, 2012

So, You Think You Can Draw? Ha! Meet Paul Cadden

From Visual News
Photo-Realistic Pencil Drawings Come to Life

Paul Cadden’s work is astoundingly realistic. The detail, the shading, the long hours spent creating the large pencil drawings which emulate black and white photographs is just awe inspiring. Take a look at some of the challenging subjects Mr. Cadden decided to draw: elderly people, whose wrinkles tell a lifetime of hardship while reflecting on the present, drawings of youth sharing a smoking cigarette outside a bar, a reclining nude, the busy streets of New York and of Scotland.

Some of the photos he choses to emulate are recent, while others have been around for some time. Cadden takes extreme lengths to make sure every line is perfect, using his eraser carefully and assuring every gradation is just right. Cadden explains that one of his objectives is to “intensify the normal,” creating a world where every detail is seen, realized and appreciated. Take a close look below at his hyper realistic works.
To see more of Paul Cadden’s work, click here.


HT: I've forgotten but will find out and link, this guy is a treasure.