Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Italy Appears To Be Getting Sick of Germany, Brussels Despite Junker Love

Damn near a Bloomberg headline!

I was told this morning that the €3 billion that Turkey talked the Germans into committing the EU to had not been wired.

First up, The Independent, Sunday Jan. 17:
Italy 'preparing to cause trouble' for EU as relations with Germany sour 
Rome says it will no longer be intimidated by 'soundbites' from Berlin...MORE
Hmmm, let's dig a little deeper.

ANSA on Politics, Jan. 18:

Italy against 'pointless arguments'
(ANSA) - Brussels, January 18 - Italy "doesn't take part in pointless arguments", Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on his way in to a council of EU foreign ministers Monday. "I consider some of the remarks that came from Brussels to be useless," Gentiloni said after Premier Matteo Renzi and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker traded barbs Friday. 
    "The situation in Europe is very delicate right now, both economically and on the migration front, and this delicate situation should be faced without the argumentative tones I heard coming from Brussels recently and which are, I repeat, pointless," the minister said. 
    Gentiloni's comments came after European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Friday hit back at growing criticism of the EU executive from Italian Premier Matteo Renzi in an unusual frontal attack on a member nations's head of government. 
    "I think that the Italian prime minister, whom I love very much, is wrong to offend the Commission at every opportunity, I don't see why he does it," Juncker said....MORE
Finally, VideoNews (Turkey) Jan. 19:

Italy not targeting Turkey in blocking aid package
Italian ambassador to Ankara says 3 million-euro refugee deal will proceed
ANKARA – Italy’s ambassador to Ankara on Tuesday said his country, which has been blamed for blocking EU funds to help refugees in Turkey, does not have an issue with Turkey.

Last month the EU pledged a 3 billion-euro ($3.27 billion) aid package for Turkey to provide for the near 2.5 million refugees currently in the country. The finance is to come from both the EU budget and member states and Italy reportedly wants the EU to pay a greater share.

Speaking at an event in Ankara, Luigi Mattiolo said: “I would like to highlight that we have do not have any stance against Turkey. Italy is the very country that insists on behalf of Turkey at the EU.”

He added: “There are just problems stemming from EU’s internal structure and its member countries. So the debates are on the methods. But there will definitely be a solution. This money will not be blocked.”...MORE
Speaking of Bloomberg headlines, it appears the Strange Bloomberg Headlines tumblr is still limping along with this offering yesterday being their first post since August:

Energy Companies, With No Women CEOs, Value Female Talent Most

Not like the old days. From one of our 2014 linkposts: