Monday, January 25, 2016

The Total Value of All the Property in the World

From City AM:
Add up all the property in the entire world, and you get $217 trillion (£152.2 trillion) of assets, a new report has suggested - that's 2.7 times the world's GDP.

"To give this figure context, the total value of all the gold ever mined is approximately $6 trillion, which pales in comparison to the total value of value of developed property by a factor of 36 to one," said Yolande Barnes, head of Savills world research.

The research, by Savills, showed residential property makes up by far the biggest portion of real estate, worth $162 trillion. 

Homes also have the largest "spread of ownership" - ie. the the largest number of owners - with approximately 2.5bn households. 

Meanwhile, commercial property made up $29 trillion, while agricultural and forestry land was worth about $26 trillion.

By comparison, the total value of world equities is $55 trillion - while outstanding securitised debt is worth about $94 trillion....MORE