Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Inside The Mind of Stephen Hawking: Electro-Cosmic Dance Party

From Open Culture:
What’s it like inside the mind of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking? Is it an electro-cosmic dance party narrated by Carl Sagan? I would like to think so. So would director Will Studd of Aardman Studios who created the hip promo video above, which also includes audio clips from Hawking himself and fellow physicistsBrian Cox and Andrew Strominger, with music by Max Halstead. Pretty cool, but what’s it for? 
Well, Hawking will very soon join a long line of distinguished public intellectuals when he delivers two Reith Lectures, the annual BBC Radio event established in 1948 and inaugurated by Bertrand Russell (access an audio archive of the lectures up to 2011 here). Hawking’s first lecture, “Do Black Holes Have No Hair?” will debut today (and we’ll post it here for you). The second, “Black Holes Ain’t as Black as They Are Painted” will broadcast next Tuesday. So what’s with the funky titles?...