Monday, January 25, 2016

Izabella Kaminska and Davos: Some Thoughts

Her thoughts, not mine. You wouldn't be interested in my thoughts at the moment, they involve delicious baked goods triggered by an early scene in the embedded vid:

Wed. Jan. 20
Where In the World Is Izabella Kaminska: Conservation of Energy Edition

She should have swiped Martin Wolf's hat while she had the chance:

FT COMMENT 5:06 min 
Davos 2016: is tech revolution overhyped?

All of which reminded me of, even more previously:
Feb. 22, 2014
Great First Lines: Econo-luxury Edition 
Izabella Kaminska writing for the paper rather than for Alphaville.
From the Financial Times:

I am on the train from Geneva to Zurich, bound for the annual forecasting dinner of the Swiss Chartered Financial Analyst society...