Sunday, January 24, 2016

Home On (or off) The Road: The World's Burliest Camper Van

From Curbed:
Want a camper van that can climb up a double-black diamond, 45-degree slope and look cool doing it? Behold the KiraVan, a tractor-trailer combo that could be the world's toughest expedition vehicle. The yet-to-be-priced KiraVan tractor features a burly Mercedes Unimog U500NA with a six-cylinder high efficiency turbo-diesel engine and a four-door crew cabin. It has enough power to pull the massive 31 feet long and 10 feet high KiraVan trailer. And this is no ordinary camper inside. A swing-out modular system creates room for an entryway, bathroom, dining room, and kitchen, and that's in addition to tech paradise (also known as an office). There's a spacious sleeping loft, a pop-up penthouse sleeping tent, and the bathroom area features a huge skylight so you can enjoy the views. Oh yeah- don't forget the interior cameras, an air drone, and Kevlar tires. This thing has everything....