Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Goldman Calls For Oil Rally, Makes Rookie Mistake

But Goldman doesn't make mistakes.
So why do they violate the first rule of public pronouncements, namely if you give a price, don't never ever give a date.
(I violate the rule on a regular basis but that's a different story)

From Barron's Getting Technical column:

Goldman Expects Oil Rally; Sees Prices Popping Soon
Sentiment is at negative extremes, the bank’s derivative strategists say, a contrarian buy signal. 
Ever since oil started its multi-year free fall, investors have been predicting a turnaround. But the knife kept on falling, below $60, $40, and most recently $30. One year ago,Barron’s wrote that oil could fall to $20. 
Now Goldman Sachs, arguably the world’s most influential bank, is telling clients to bet that oil rallies higher by March. 
The recommendation may seem incredible as oil prices orbit around $28 to $30 and fears of deflationary pressures sweep global markets. Yet, Goldman is advising clients to buy March $58 calls on the Energy Select Sector SPDR ETF (ticker: XLE ). 
The exchange-traded fund was recently around $54, and the March calls were recently around $1.98. The price of the options has moved higher since Goldman’s call, but still have significant upside. If XLE is at $62 by expiration, the calls are worth $4. If XLE doesn’t rise above $58 by expiration, the trade is a failure. 
This contrarian trade, which anticipates a pop higher rather than the start of a long, sustained advance, attempts to monetize extremely pessimistic investor sentiment, and derivative pricing levels. Both indicate that investors think oil prices will fall to even lower prices.The implied volatility of three-month options on West Texas Intermediate oil is around five-year highs. XLE implied volatility is around a three-year high....MORE
WTI has continued the collapse with the soon-to-be-gone February's down over 3% ($1.05) at $28.37  and the most-active March's at $29.53 -0.86. 
The XLE is at $52.47 Down 1.88 (3.47%) with the mo betta beta XOP at $23.51 Down 1.65 ( 6.54%).