Thursday, August 13, 2020

"Iowa's corn yields could be cut in half where hurricane-force winds flattened fields"

The tornado warnings and knocked-over trees in Chicago got the headlines but it looks as if the real damage was done in Iowa.
From the DesMoines Register, August 12:
Yields may be cut by as much as half where a derecho flattened crops as it swept through Iowa this week, agriculture officials said.

Iowa Agriculture Secretary Mike Naig said in a call with reporters that no other Midwestern state along the storm's 770-mile path suffered the level of wind or hail damage that struck an estimated 10 million acres across central Iowa.

That's about a third of Iowa's 30 million acres of crops — acreage typically split between corn and soybeans in Iowa, the nation's largest corn producer.

The derecho's straight-line winds reached nearly 100 mph in parts of Iowa, officials said. The storm swept across Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan before losing steam....

Yesterday's WASDE report predicting a record U.S. corn harvest overshadowed the storm damage but it appears word is getting out this morning, CME 30-minute prints: