Thursday, August 20, 2020

The Recent Work Being Done By The FT's Izabella Kaminska Is Important...

....but sometimes (okay, usually) I have trouble keeping up.

We are going to do a thirty-thousand-foot-overview of some of her recent stuff at Alphaville (and at the paper: pre-communist Chinese bonds as alt,-very alt, speculations, etc.) this weekend so here is an apéritif.

Izabella has been looking at meta-messaging up to and including deepfakes and other straight-up falsehoods.
It is very brave because some of the areas this sort of discourse/exploration takes one are areas not mentioned by people of a certain sort. At least not in polite company.

Here's a tangential example. Not something she's fleshed out, more akin to what she might have put on Dizzynomics (still on blogroll at right) back when she was doing that platform. Stream of thought and woe unto commenters who self-presented as idiots.
Via Izzy's Twitter feed:
....MORE (thread)

Ms Kaminska's tweets garner some interesting replies.
Here's one in response to another thread she did:
Since deleted but still pretty funny..